Delebra Hudson is a Louisiana native that is a passionate lupus advocate and public speaker dedicated to raising awareness and empowering those affected by this chronic autoimmune disease. Having personally battled lupus for 18 years , Delebra Hudson understands the physical and emotional challenges faced by individuals and their families. With a deep commitment to making a difference, I actively engage in community outreach programs, support groups, and educational initiatives to provide valuable information and support to those living with lupus. Through her compelling personal story and expert knowledge, Delebra Hudson aims to inspire hope and resilience in others facing similar struggles.

As a dynamic public speaker, Delebra Hudson has delivered impactful presentations at various local events, and shares her journey advocating for improved healthcare services, research funding, and patient rights. Delebra is also the founder of the Power of Purple a Lupus awareness event held in August. Delebra is also the Founder of the 1st annual Lupus Awareness Butterfly Ball held on January 27 th.

Delebra is also creating a foundation that honors all of her family members that have and had lupus and enjoys giving back to the comnunity.Delebra‚Äôs ability to connect with diverse audiences through authenticity, compassion, and unwavering determination sparks inspiration and ignites positive change. Whether it’s speaking on topics such as self-care strategies, navigating the healthcare system, or fostering a supportive lupus community, Delebra Hudson leaves a lasting impression with their words of encouragement, practical advice, and infectious optimism. My mission is to break down barriers, challenge societal misconceptions about lupus, and ensure that every person affected by this condition feels heard, understood, and empowered to live their best life.

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