Meet Janay Townes

4 A’s Sisters Lupus Club April 2024 Spotlights
Janay Townes, born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, and later moved to Carney’s Point, NJ, when she was fourteen. Janay was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus kidney nephritis stage four in 2004, and she was only fifteen years old.

Not knowing that lupus causes a lot of underlying illnesses, throughout the years, she has been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Avascular Necrosis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Asthma, Anemia, Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP), Fibromyalgia, Depression/Anxiety, High Blood Pressure, Sleep Apnea, Severe Insomnia, Raynaud’s Syndrome, and severe Migraines.

She has had numerous surgeries and procedures such as Bilateral Hip Core Decompression, Left Hip Replacement, Right Shoulder Replacement, Gallbladder removal, Appendix removal, several Colonoscopies/Endoscopies, and removal of Cancer Cells, and soon will have her Right Hip Replaced.

She has been on every lupus medication/treatment, including multiple rounds of chemotherapy, blood transfusions, platelet transfusions, plasmapheresis, losing all her teeth, and being in full menopause by age thirty.

With all that she has going on with her many illnesses, she has remained a humble lupus warrior and is still standing despite what she has been through. Janay still has good and bad days, but no matter what, she wakes up every morning ready to defeat lupus and whatever else comes her way.

Having lupus is 365 days, 24/7 job, with NO days off. Janay started LupiesUnite (Founder) so people with lupus can have a voice and be heard. Many people are still ignorant about lupus. If only they knew what people with lupus go through daily, they would understand why lupus survivors are so vocal about Lupus Awareness.

Janay may have lupus, but lupus does not have her. Lupus will not bring Janay down. No matter how many times she may fall, she will get right back up and continue to fight, spread awareness, and educate the world about lupus.” Let’s show some love for Janay! 💓

Meet Carol A George-Perry

4 A’s Sisters Lupus Club recognize our March monthly Lupus Warriors. Meet Mrs. Carol A George-Perry who was diagnosed at 16 yrs old. This was late 80s when there was very little research on lupus. She had to move to Houston to seek treatment. The diagnosis turned her active lifestyle upside down.

Carol was told she should never have kids. She was told that pregnancy could kill her. Lupus didn’t know she had a praying grandmother. She has 4 beautiful sons. They were all healthy.

At age 52, Carol have now lived with Lupus longer than she has lived without. Carol have had some really difficult times. She always push through. Carol never succumb to the pain.

Carol is fortunate to live in NC now. She receives her care at Duke Rheumatology. She has been able to get off most of her medications. Only have an infusion monthly.

Quote, “I am happily married to my best friend. I love to travel”. She’s currently a Dental Territory Manager for a Federal Dental Plan.

Help us show Carol some 💕

Meet Carl Tart

4 A’s Sisters Lupus Club February’s Spotlight Carl Tart this month Lupus Warriors. Carl was diagnosed with lupus in 1995 when he was 14. Lupus stopped his athletic career and it causes him to have seizures and organ problems.

He’s originally from Connecticut but lives in South Carolina now. Dallas Cowboys Fan! NY Yankees fan! Phoenix Suns fan and the color of their jerseys is purple, lol.

He love kids, loves watching sports and really loves watching old school boxers like Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali. Carl works as a cook, he enjoys freestyle wrestling, he enjoys MMA, loves fitness training and lately he’s been utilizing a lot of vegan methods. Show Carl some love and let him know we are here for him all the time.

Meet Delebra Hudson

Delebra Hudson is a Louisiana native that is a passionate lupus advocate and public speaker dedicated to raising awareness and empowering those affected by this chronic autoimmune disease. Having personally battled lupus for 18 years , Delebra Hudson understands the physical and emotional challenges faced by individuals and their families. With a deep commitment to making a difference, I actively engage in community outreach programs, support groups, and educational initiatives to provide valuable information and support to those living with lupus. Through her compelling personal story and expert knowledge, Delebra Hudson aims to inspire hope and resilience in others facing similar struggles.

As a dynamic public speaker, Delebra Hudson has delivered impactful presentations at various local events, and shares her journey advocating for improved healthcare services, research funding, and patient rights. Delebra is also the founder of the Power of Purple a Lupus awareness event held in August. Delebra is also the Founder of the 1st annual Lupus Awareness Butterfly Ball held on January 27 th.

Delebra is also creating a foundation that honors all of her family members that have and had lupus and enjoys giving back to the comnunity.Delebra’s ability to connect with diverse audiences through authenticity, compassion, and unwavering determination sparks inspiration and ignites positive change. Whether it’s speaking on topics such as self-care strategies, navigating the healthcare system, or fostering a supportive lupus community, Delebra Hudson leaves a lasting impression with their words of encouragement, practical advice, and infectious optimism. My mission is to break down barriers, challenge societal misconceptions about lupus, and ensure that every person affected by this condition feels heard, understood, and empowered to live their best life.

Meet Sheree Taylor

Sheree Taylor is the Founder of Taylor Consulting Solutions, LLC.

Her experience includes working as the
Assistant Director/Childcare Coordinator of Help Me Grow Alabama. She has over 10 years of experience
in educational outreach in Nutrition, early care education and chronic disease management. Sheree has
served on several coalitions at the grassroots level while managing grant dollars to enhance the quality
of life of Alabamians on health initiatives during her time with Auburn University. Sheree has served as a
Regional director over several counties for equitable neighborhood initiatives in Alabama.

Sheree holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition & Foods from Jacksonville State University and a
Masters of Adult Education from Auburn University. Sheree is a certified Senior Diabetes
educator/facilitator from the University of Chicago in Illinois). She holds several certifications in the
areas of Sports Nutrition, Extension, and Nutrition and Wellness. Through her experiences, she has
gained knowledge in assisting communities in reaching their goals through building partnerships,
curriculum development, developing publications and articles for academia, promoting family, and
community engagement using strategic planning and professional development.

Sheree enjoys watching football, crafting and most of all spending time with her family and friends
making memories. Sheree has served her community volunteering with youth sports organizations as a
board member and she is a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. A service to all mankind.

Meet Sheree Taylor at this month’s

Monthly Lupus Meeting

Meet Alzina Burrell Dural

The 4A’s Sisters Club 2023 Grand Marshal at our 2nd Annual End Lupus Walk May 27th 9am Girard Park Lafayette, La. Alzina Burrell Dural is Lupus Warrior here in our city. A go get her, never stop, keep moving, Community Activist in the State of Louisiana. Lupus since 2011, Retired with LCG, Owner of Season the Green Leaf 🍃 Sits on many Local, City and State Boards. A daughter, wife, sister mother, aunt, friend, etc. PS-Community Activist. Show your 💘! We thank you for all you do for others.

Meet Donavon Benoit…

Proud native of Lafayette Louisiana. Born to the Benoit and Morgan family but was raised by his Grandparents, Doris Benoit and Connie Bellow Cormier. Although they didn’t come from a lot, they always had love and joy in their home.
As a young person, Donavon was baptized and confirmed at Our Lady Queen of Peace where he briefly taught communion student as he was preparing for high school graduation.

Upon graduating from Lafayette High School, he was privileged to get accepted to Morehouse College in Atlanta, Ga. While there, he worked as a Banker for Bank of America in order
to assist his Grandparents with college expenses. During college he also added a part-time job to his schedule which landed him with food service opportunities working all across the country
including New Jersey, New York, New Orleans, and Baton Rouge.
While in school, unfortunately Donavon grandfather passed unexpectedly shortly before he graduated but was blessed that his
grandmother and rest of family were present.

Upon graduating from Lafayette High School, he was privileged to get accepted to Morehouse College in Atlanta, Ga. While there, he worked as a Banker for Bank of America in order to assist his Grandparents with college expenses. During college he also added a part-time job to his schedule which landed him with food service opportunities working all across the country including New Jersey, New York, New Orleans, and Baton Rouge. While in school, unfortunately Donavon grandfather passed unexpectedly shortly before he graduated but was blessed that his grandmother and rest of family were present. During his career in Food/Facilities Services he has been blessed to work for several notable corporations including ARAMARK, IBM, Bank of America, Crothall, Baton Rouge General and Currently Capitol City Produce. His journey would not have been possible without the “Village” that raised him thru Church, Home, and School. Although he has much further path ahead to prepare for, he’s very grateful for path he’s been given. Life isn’t possible without support – the support that provided for him during his matriculation leading to now adulthood. In the future, he hopes to further his education in Law and continue to serve his great fraternity of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc along with other service organizations that he donated his time to. He looks forward to talking more in dept this week…Be blessed and continue to uplift one a another.

Meet Michelle Livings…

Born and raised in Carencro, Louisiana. She attended Carencro High School and relocated to Lafayette in 1988. She attended USL and LSU E before transitioning to Southwest Paralegal College where she received her Certification as a Paralegal. Michelle has 10 years experience in the legal field an offers 20 years in Human Resources, she has been in public relations for a total of 40 years. Michelle is a Certified Fitness Instructor for at least 30 years. She began teaching “Step Aerobics” for the City of Lafayette Parks and Recreation Department around the early 90’s. In 2014 she became a Certified Instructor for Curobiks under Cupid’s umbrella. Michelle is the Owner and CEO for Michelle Jolie, Licensed Florist Experience Event Planner. She’s also the Owner and CEO of “Something Sweet” homemade sweet dough pies, where they are currently in three stores in the Lafayette area: K & G on the Geaux in Billy’s, Chevron by Lowe’s and Guidroz She is a Member of Women of Wisdom (WOW) and the Chairperson for the CAFE (Community and Family Engagement) at Lafayette Middle School. She’s also a Member of KOP (Krewe of Pyros) in Washington DC. Her hobbies are: working out, crafting and landscaping.

Evangelist Crystal D Bell

GM 🌎! 4-A Sister Club Non-profit organization here in Lafayette, Louisiana would like to spotlight our Lupus Warrior of the week. Meet Evangelist Crystal D Bell, if she could think back about her first undiagnosed symptom of lupus, it would be June 2013; she was awakened during the night with this horrible itch all over her body, for nearly two weeks, all she did was soak in oatmeal baths and using any and every home remedy or regiment that was suggested to her. Growing up as a young kid with chronic asthma she felt the need to mention that to her doctor so he instantly diagnosed her with asthma of the skin lol little did he know.

Well, she was told use this and use that, don’t use this and don’t use that; she was miserable!
For years her calves were so beautiful and toned from wearing heels everyday to work and stilettos to sing and shout in ( I’m an Evangelist in the ministry and been singing since age 11) but, at one point she would scratch her legs so much until they would bleed and swell.

Fast forward to 2014, one week before what once was the biggest day of her life, she developed a dark ring on her arm and a rash across the bridge of her nose and across both cheeks.

Crystal was like OH MY GOD! The dress was sleeveless so what was I suppose to do with this she said, I couldn’t walk down the aisle with what seemed to be a big black ashy ring on my arm.

She called the best seamstress in the world, (she was a life saver.

Showed the gown to Ms Delores Darby and simply showed her the unwelcomed bruise on her arm well, needless to say, no one ever knew about the bruise. Even though she fixed the issue with her arm, not even makeup could cover the rash on her face.

As time passed her body was being invaded by something foreign; hair began thinning, joints would ache like crazy and constant doctor visits from being so tired all the time. She stopped wearing perfumes and lotions because thought it would cause her to itch as well.

Constant fatigue plagued her body, pain in joints and her skin darkened to the point where even in the hot and humid Louisiana weather, wore long sleeved shirts and pants daily to cover up the discoloration to avoid the stares of people.

In 2018 after all the test, she was finally diagnosed with LUPUS, didn’t want to believe it there it was in plain BLACK & WHITE! This has been a long tedious journey but she so blessed to have the best family support; parents, kids and grandkids along with her fiancée, aunts & cousins and friends also the best medical support team ever.

Sarah Adeline Stubbss

Meet this weeks 4-A Sister Club Spot Light of the Week! A Fighting Lupus Warrior. Sarah Adeline Stubbss, who is 32 years old and live in Broussard, La. Sarah is very thankful of her mother being proactive with her in her health care; she went to all her doctor appointments with her.

Her family physician noted her thyroid was in hyper state, which lead Sarah to see many other doctors, with thyroid scans, it was noted her thyroid was inflamed. At that time her ANA panel was negative.

After being on medication for her thyroid, Sarah was still having chronic fatigue along with many other symptoms, then she developed gall stones and had to have her gallbladder removed, the surgeon said her gallbladder was very inflamed. At this time, her ANA profile became positive. After seeing several other specialists, in the Lafayette area, without feeling better, Sarah was told about the Mayo Clinic. Sarah began researching and discovered that the Baton Rouge Clinic had become affiliated with the Mayo Clinic. Sarah has a team of doctors consisting of a Neurologist, Dermatologist, Rheumatologist, and Endocrinologist working together!

She now has all her health issues under control, Sarah loves doctors, and highly recommend this clinic for quality care!