2024 Lupus Walk Grand Marshal

Meet Candi Faulk-Penn the 4 A’s Sisters Lupus Club 2024 Lupus Walk Grand Marshal, born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana. Seven years ago, she was diagnosed with SLE Lupus. Not knowing what Lupus was, Candi did not know what to expect of this silent disease. After being told she was diagnosed with Lupus, she found herself angry, asking God “Why me?” After finding herself in denial about this silent disease, all she could think was that she wanted to be considered “normal” one day.

Like her, many may not know what Lupus is, and that’s ok, it is not that discussed, however, she wants to share what she knows about Lupus.

What is lupus? Lupus is a highly complex autoimmune disease that can affect any organ in your body. The body’s immune system mistakenly attacks healthy tissue in many parts of the body. Symptoms vary among people and may be mild to severe. Signs and symptoms may include butterfly rash on the face, hair loss, fatigue, mouth ulcers, swollen and joint pain, lung problems, heart problems, kidney problems. These are some of the symptoms that Lupus can include for her.

Candi experience with Lupus has been symptoms of photo sensitivity to sunlight, unexplained bruising, weight loss/gain, heart issues, brain fog, mouth ulcers, gastrointestinal issues and more. After being diagnosed with Lupus seven years ago, it has been an emotional journey for her. Before today, Candi never wanted to share her story.

However, she came to realize that her own personal journey can be helpful to others and can make a difference. The emotions she feels regularly knowing that having to deal with a chronic illness with no cure is tragic.

Lupus is like a roller coaster, each day you will have your highs and lows. Over the years this disease has manifested into other illnesses including arthritis, Hashimoto, thyroid disease, Neutropenia, Osteopenia and otherunderlying conditions. Other stressors that she has endured are the many visits to specialists, bloodwork every three months, medication changes, and countless medical bills she incur from living each day with Lupus.

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Only those with Lupus will understand the challenges Candi faces on a daily basis. However, one day she hopes there is a cure so others won’t have to suffer as she does. Until that day, one thing she has learned through this journey is that it is not easy. Candi has learned to be her biggest advocate, have the confidence and hope for a cure, to keep her faith, not only for herself but, for her husband, her son, and a wonderful grandson. They give her a purpose and a reason to keep fighting and not to give up.

Through her experiences, she has learned to appreciate every day she wakes up and remind herself that she’s more than someone with Lupus. She’s a warrior, and she’s here to remind you that even on the hard days, Lupus will not defeat her, she will fight it. Like stated in Philippians 4:13, “I can do all this through Him who gives me strength.

Meet Carl Tart

4 A’s Sisters Lupus Club February’s Spotlight Carl Tart this month Lupus Warriors. Carl was diagnosed with lupus in 1995 when he was 14. Lupus stopped his athletic career and it causes him to have seizures and organ problems.

He’s originally from Connecticut but lives in South Carolina now. Dallas Cowboys Fan! NY Yankees fan! Phoenix Suns fan and the color of their jerseys is purple, lol.

He love kids, loves watching sports and really loves watching old school boxers like Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali. Carl works as a cook, he enjoys freestyle wrestling, he enjoys MMA, loves fitness training and lately he’s been utilizing a lot of vegan methods. Show Carl some love and let him know we are here for him all the time.